We look at our patients as people, not as problems, and so we work with each patient differently. No two patients are alike, and while there are certain types of problems with which we are particularly familiar, there is no one way we work. That said, there are some common features of how we work: we prioritize safety and confidentiality. We do not judge. We provide empathy, and work hard to understand not just what you do, but who you are, what matters to you, what it is that you find most challenging.

We have worked with people with a ride range of sexual problems and complaints. Nothing shocks us. Nothing overwhelms us. Our priority is on helping you see past the things you don’t like about yourself, about your actions, to find a path toward greater authenticity and fulfillment, and away from shame.

Our experience has taught us that the past is almost always relevant to understanding the present. The symptoms people bring to therapy more often than not are the contemporary refractions of solutions to challenges we faced in our childhood. In other words, when we were children, we developed coping strategies unique to the challenges we faced. As adults, those coping strategies often don’t work any more. Sometimes, they are even maladaptive, or crippling.

If you are struggling with your sexuality in any way – with your desires, with your behaviors, with your performance – we are eager to work with you.