June 21, 2017

Michael Crocker will be presenting at this year’s annual NASW Addictions Conference at Fordham University on June 21st 2017.

In the last two years Kelly Moylan and Michael Crocker presented on treating couples when there is partner who has out of control sexual behavior (OCSB). Specifically, they presented on the use of attachment theory in co-joint couples therapy (i.e. therapy in which we both see each individual, Michael Crocker with the individual with OCSB and Kelly Moylan with their partner and then we meet with them together for the couples treatment). They also presented this in Austin at last year’s SASH Conference. This year Michael Crocker will be presenting on treating Men with OCSB through the modality of a Combined Group and Individual Treatment. I will be using examples from both my gay men’s group and my heterosexual men’s group.

The SAT Project has been providing more combined treatment options that are showing to be effective in helping men maintain a sexual health plan as well as working on their attachment skills, which then benefits their relationships. This presentation will speak specifically to the Individual/Group treatment model and how the use of individual work to enhance group work and vice versa. Specific interventions will be discussed.

Here is the link to an overview of their conference:



June 11, 2017

The SAT Project will offer its first CEU-providing training, “Desire and Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior: A Psychodynamic View” on June 11. Please click here to learn more.