OCSB-Net is a forum we maintain to promote discussion, research, referrals, and communication among clinicians working psychodynamically and psychoanalytically with patients and clients whose sexual behavior is compulsive, out of control, or otherwise ego-dystonic (collectively, out-of-control sexual behavior, or OCSB).

While this group includes some who are trained as certified sex addiction therapists (CSATs), the group is self-consciously formed to expand the conversation concerning OCSB, and to establish a space in which terms such as “sex addiction” are not presumed to have a shared meaning or sense of validity among all participants, and in which it is explicitly acknowledged that many among us find terms such as “sex addiction” unhelpful, inaccurate, irrelevant, even as others find such terms meaningful, helpful, and even essential.

We share no fealty to a particular treatment modality or certification program. We only are committed to exploring, in an open-minded, collegial and respectful manner, how best we can work with our patients and clients.

Disagreements are welcome, and even encouraged here, and respect is required.

If you are a clinician and you are interested in joining the group, please click here, and submit a request to be added to the group. Please include in your request your name, information concerning your clinical training and licensure, and a brief summary of your interest and experience.