We are “sex addiction therapists”

Each of us at the SAT Project is a “sex addiction therapist.” This means we all are experienced in working with people who experience their sexual behavior as being out of control, in working with those affected by out-of-control sexual behavior, or both. We have extensive experience in working with all sorts of problems relating to sexual behavior.

Our experience and training is psychodynamic and psychoanalytic, informed by the belief – and the experience – that we can work with our clients and patients to achieve the greatest results, psychodynamically – by exploring, by becoming curious about, the suffering that informs and gives rise to problematic sexual behavior, to what some call “sex addiction.” We do not simply focus on the behavior.

The behavior of “sex addicts,” of people suffering from out-of-control sexual behavior, can cause horrific suffering, both to the addict and to others, but while the behavior itself is problematic, we don’t believe it is the problem. For this reason, in our work, we focus on the underlying experience of our client or patient, the pain s/he feels, the coping strategies s/he has developed, or not developed.

Our experience has been that approaches focusing on behavior alone may lead, for some, to an end to an addictive relationship to sex and sexuality. Our experience also has been, however, that this “end” may either be short-lived, accompanied by a continuing shameful relationship to sex and sexuality, or both.

Our approach, therefore, continues past an end to that addictive relationship, to the achievement of a healthy relationship to sex and sexuality and an enduring and authentic relationship to and diminution of one’s own suffering.