We work with individuals, couples, and groups.

At the Sexuality, Attachment and Trauma (SAT) Project we are skilled in helping individuals overcome a variety of sexual problems. These include: sexual compulsivity and hypersexual behavior, sexual dysfunction, intimacy anxiety, gender and orientation confusion, problematic and disturbing sexual thoughts and fantasies, problematic paraphilic behavior, LGBT issues, overcoming childhood sexual abuse, PTSD symptoms of abuse survivors, and depression and anxiety.

Partners and spouses

The partners of individuals struggling with addiction and compulsion often suffer with confusion, shock, anxiety, depression and other symptoms related to the trauma of being engaged in a relational system where there has been active addiction. There are often many more services available to individuals with addictions and compulsion than for their partners.  The Sexuality, Attachment and Trauma Project believes it is equally important to provide a vast array of services to partners as we recognize the systemic aspect of addiction and believe that all parties should get the help and support they need.  The SAT Project takes an empathic, sensitive, and compassionate approach to partners that includes the understanding of the addiction system, post traumatic stress related issues and most importantly attachment dynamics that are impacted by the addiction.

The Sexuality, Attachment and Trauma Project treats partners through individual, couples and/or group treatment.

Sex addiction

We specialize in the treatment of out-of-control sexual behavior, what many think of as sexual addiction, and compulsivity. We are thought leaders in this area, conducting cutting-edge research, presenting trainings and workshop around the country, and publishing extensively on this topic. We take an integrated approach, combining psychodynamic principles with evidence-based techniques, shown to be effective in working with sex addiction. We see our clients holistically, as complex individuals, with specific individual needs, and reject any kind of cookie-cutter or formulaic approaches.  In addition, we combine extensive education and training in sexuality as well as working with addictions, so we are able to incorporate the best elements in a complete, multi-disciplinary approach.

Sex therapy

We specialize in working with all aspects of sex therapy, including sexual dysfunctions and anxiety, obsessive thoughts and desires, desire discordance, and gender and orientation confusion. We welcome and have extensive experience working with a broad spectrum of individuals, including LGBTQ and individuals with alternative lifestyles and sexualities, sex workers, and transgendered individuals.